How to proceed

Congratulations! You've decided to leverage one of the most cost effective marketing mediums - the World Wide Web. Now how do you proceed? Your Web Artists will step you through this process in a professional and systematic manner. To create a web site is a job not to be taken lightly. There's a lot to think about. But your decision to proceed with Your Web Artists as your partner in marketing is a choice that will greatly simplify this process. Generally speaking, there are three phases to completing your new web site.

1. We gather information from you

Mapping the site: Together, we will explore the topical outline of your website and the features you desire to have. It will be designed with functionality in mind as an essential element. Your customers should be able to find what they're looking for in a very short amount of time.

From this information, we can provide you with a proposal and a firm price. Our terms require 50% down at the beginning of the job and the remaining 50% at the time of delivery. Other payment options are available upon request.

Organization Process: YOUR WEB ARTISTS will meet with you in the most convenient manner. It might be in person or over the phone. We will step you through a few exercises that will help us understand your business's personality. Your domain name will also be secured during this step.

Materials: We will need copies of existing documents, graphics and marketing concepts that you may have already used so we can continue any brand identity you have already established. Anything you can give us in an electronic format will be highly beneficial. This would include logos, menus, prices lists, and so forth.

2. We go to work

Conceptual Construction: Our creative team will go to work making your custom site. Your first concepts will be delivered in a "view only" format before going to the extra work of making a fully functional web site. This allows you to easily review the project's direction early in the process.

Text Content: Between you and YOUR WEB ARTISTS, the text copy will be composed to say everything you want to say and placed in an enticing manner on your web site.

Creative services: If you have selected to use any creative services such as logo development, photography or videography, we will be working closely with you to provide you with this creative content.

3. Finishing up

Proofing: As we are nearing completion, we will post your web site in the demonstration area of our web site for you to review. From here, we can tweak it to your liking within the agreed job scope or add more content as desired.

Publishing: After you are ready to accept our work, it can usually be made live within hours.

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